Monday, May 9, 2011


So life is crazy!  Where have I been?  Well..

My friends threw me an amazing bridal shower!

I had a ridiculously fun bachelorette party.

I married the love of my life!
Had an amazing honeymoon in Maui!

Best week of my life!
Love my hubs!
Ran my first half marathon!

AND finished the two classes I took this semester.  No pics of that!
     It's been a very fun, very busy few months. Looking forward to settling into married life, and finishing off this school year!  Summer!  I'm coming for you!


  1. Amazing! You have had an awesome couple of weeks! Congrats! I hope after all of this hustle and bustle you get some time to sit down, relax and enjoy being married and enjoy your time with mike.

  2. This is my first afternoon with NOTHING happening.. It's lovely! Looking forward to a relaxing and enjoyable evening with the hubs. Thanks for the well wishes!