Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Deviating slightly from my usual here.  I picked up an awesome Motorola Droid at the beginning of November.  Two friends have switched over, and I wrote this email sharing my fave apps.  Figured I would share it with you as well.

Any visitors who come across this page, share your faves too, please :)


If you want these, you can search in the market OR 
-download Barcode Scanner from the market
- Google the app (include Android market in your search) 
- Scan the barcode for the app with barcode scanner on your phone. It will take you right to the app in the market.  Nifty!

Beautiful widgets!
Dolphin browswer, as a replacement for the stock browser
PANDORA        (iheartradio comes out sometime today, too. Supposedly. I can't find it!)
HiAim for AOL instant messenger
Twidroid for Twitter
Wheres my Droid - so you can find your phone when its on silent and you've lost it in your bed. ;)
Battery widget - so you can see whats up with yo batt
Power control widget - you can quickly dim the screen, turn wifi and gps on and off
Missed Call lets you change the color of the LED..for example, I have green for email, pink for texts, yellow for calendar, on and on
Advanced Task Killer to help with battery life
Pure Calendar widget
Pure Email widget

FourSquare gives you points based on places you go.. kind of confusing to explain, but you can check out I like it, but its not very fun if you don't know too many other people playing.  All my points are from going to Sullivan's.  Hahahaha.
GemBuster.  I started with the free and liked it so much I bought the full

Google Navigation is very cool, a few apps that enhance:
Places Directory lets you search around your area

Meridan is a nice music player
iMusic lets you download music free
Album Art Grabber puts album art with your music
Mixzing - playlist creator

Video: has full episodes from CBS.  Hulu is supposed to be coming in January!
iVideo downloads videos.  I haven't played with this one too much yet

Home replacement:
I use PandaHome to customize my home screens.  I'm not 100% happy with it, but they keep pushing out updates so I'm hoping its a little smoother soon.  I can use PandaHome for themes, adding screens (I have 4 instead of 3) and changing the icons for various apps. It's a little tricky to figure out.  I think a lot of this stuff we'll be able to do anyway with the update to Android 2.1 in January.

Other stuff I like:
Dockrunner puts your phone in multimedia mode
Movies - links with Facebook
Astrid - to do list
Bubble (because it's cool :) )
Color Flashlight
DC Metro Map
FX Camera 
Google Sky Map
E! Online
Key Ring (for frequent shopper cards)
My Coupons
NASA Images (because I'm a nerd)
Google Sky Map (because I am a super nerd)
TV Guide
Steamy Window

Bloo is a Facebook app that I like, but the notifications are super annoying so I stopped using it.  I'm using on the dolphin browser.  myspace's new site looks so cool now I almost - ALMOST - want to start using myspace again, but the only people doing anything over there are 12 so.. never mind.

Hope this is helpful! :)

Hmm.  Wow.  I use a lot of apps! :D 

Enjoy your winter holiday of choice! A nice gift I received...

and merry Christmas, as that is MY winter holiday of choice.

Received an email yesterday, would like to share the closing...


Lastly, I wanted to thank you for making your class so engaging.  Language arts was not a liked subject, since second grade with Mrs. Someonelse!!!  She is reading constantly, for fun too!
Since the beginning of the school year she has come home talking about your class.  On the SSAT exam she took last weekend for private school entrance, she told me about one of the essay questions she had to answer.  It stated that listening is the best way to learn.  But she said that her essay disagreed with that statement saying that its not the only way to learn, saying that in your class and one other class, you discuss/talk about the subject matter, you write about it and do projects that help learning.   I was very impressed. She gets it.  
Last year(5th grade) was a lost year for her, and her grammar and everything suffered, I never even got her research paper back so I don't even know how it was graded.  She did okay but she hated it-even poetry.   This year her engagement and initiative has improved greatly! I don't have to pull teeth to get her to do her work.   So pat yourself on the back!  I hope you also have a good and restful break as well.


Better than any "Best Teacher Ever" mug I could have received.

Also saw quite a few students last week while attending a workshop at the nearby middle school.  They are so tall!  I felt great to see how happy they were to see me!  Big smiles and hugs.

Teaching isn't everything I would have hoped this year, but these little moments will get me through.