Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enjoy your winter holiday of choice! A nice gift I received...

and merry Christmas, as that is MY winter holiday of choice.

Received an email yesterday, would like to share the closing...


Lastly, I wanted to thank you for making your class so engaging.  Language arts was not a liked subject, since second grade with Mrs. Someonelse!!!  She is reading constantly, for fun too!
Since the beginning of the school year she has come home talking about your class.  On the SSAT exam she took last weekend for private school entrance, she told me about one of the essay questions she had to answer.  It stated that listening is the best way to learn.  But she said that her essay disagreed with that statement saying that its not the only way to learn, saying that in your class and one other class, you discuss/talk about the subject matter, you write about it and do projects that help learning.   I was very impressed. She gets it.  
Last year(5th grade) was a lost year for her, and her grammar and everything suffered, I never even got her research paper back so I don't even know how it was graded.  She did okay but she hated it-even poetry.   This year her engagement and initiative has improved greatly! I don't have to pull teeth to get her to do her work.   So pat yourself on the back!  I hope you also have a good and restful break as well.


Better than any "Best Teacher Ever" mug I could have received.

Also saw quite a few students last week while attending a workshop at the nearby middle school.  They are so tall!  I felt great to see how happy they were to see me!  Big smiles and hugs.

Teaching isn't everything I would have hoped this year, but these little moments will get me through.

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