Sunday, January 30, 2011

So much happening!

I've always been one to have a jam-packed schedule.  In high school, I was in a zillion clubs and after school activities.  I worked full time while going to college.  Now, I've set myself up for an interesting few months.

I'm working, of course, doing the teacher thing, and I'm one of the yearbook club sponsors.  This is the time of year for yearbook to be in full swing!

I just started taking classes again - because being an awesome teacher is important to me!  I'm taking 6 credits this semester.  One is a traditional, meet in the classroom type of class, and the other is online.  Both have pretty heavy workloads.

I've hit my goal weight, but sticking with the activities and routines that got me here. That includes weekly boot camps, kickboxing, and yoga sessions.

I'm also scheduled to run a half-marathon on my 32nd birthday - May 7th.  Training has begun.. mostly.  More on that in a bit.

In the Most. Exciting. News. Ever! I am marrying the love of my life on April 16.  Ummm... 2011.  As in.. 76 days. Yes, I am certifiable. On Christmas, Mike promised my parents we would get married this year.  April 16th is the first Saturday of my Spring Break - which of course leaves the next week open for an aaaaaaamazing honeymoon. :)

Mike and I are both extremely laid back, and we very rarely fight. So, as wedding planning reached a fever pitch - it was surprising that we were arguing more and more.  We weren't even speaking to each other for a few days.  Yikes! We both made some compromises - so our wedding is going to be very small.  Immediate family only.  I am a little disappointed, because I have fabulous girlfriends that are a huge part of my life.. but starting a marriage on the right note is important to me.  I'm adjusting to the idea. :)

"There are no small marriages, only small weddings."  I just made that up.  Small does not equal any less amazing though.  I went dress shopping and to lunch with my ladies last weekend, and ordered a BEAUTIFUL dress that I never ever would have picked out 70+ pounds ago.  Sexy!  Mike better watch out!  I have some special things planned, so I know that the day will be one that we look back on with happiness for years to come.

The stress and my amount of busy are impacting my appetite.. as in - I have none.  My goal weight was pretty close to the low end of healthy weights for me - and I lost 3 more pounds this week.  My plan? MORE CHEESE! Hahaha.

Quick note.. half mary training not going so well.  Lots of snow and ice outside (I won't even get into the freezing cold temps!) have made it impossible to get outside, and I am not just a treadmill girl.  I have an attention span comprable to that of a ladybug.  Example:  My bank card was missing for 3 days.  I found it last night in a bag of chips.  I'm not stressing tooo much about it yet.  I'm doing the best I can!

So - work, school, wedding, half!  It's going to be an interesting Spring!

Are you like me - one who thrives off of being ultra busy?  Or are you better off with spread out excitement?

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs.!

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  1. you are an inspiration! I do bootcamps & marathons and watch what I eat but I can't shift the lbs! Any tips gratefully received :-)
    ps your dress is stunning and you look amazimg in it!