Sunday, February 13, 2011


Work was difficult this week.  Too much indoor recess = crazy children.  Luckily next week is supposed to be warmer, so I will be able to get them outside!

I dislike my classes, but they are going well.  I'm a week ahead. Yay!

Wedding is planned, except for deciding where we will eat after. Honeymoon will hopefully be booked this week!  I have a few things to purchase,  but we're set.  Nice weight off my shoulders.

Running.. um... so the weather is supposed to be nice this week!  I will be able to get myself outside! :)

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  1. I cannot wait till the warm(er) weather hits again, I am going to start some outside exercising this week with temps going up, so hopefully it will be the kick i need to get back on the wagon.